Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Squam and CREATE!

As the kids head back to school and my remaining 'kid' starts college classes again today, I am looking towards fall, my all time favorite season! (I had a quick conversation with an acquaintance at an art journaling workshop a couple of weeks ago... fall is her least favorite season and reminds her of death.  Honestly, I have never thought of it that way, even though my mom died two years ago in October.) Anyway. Late summer musings... 

Art and travel are lined up in my life again for September and October and this brings me more than a wee bit of joy!  I'm going to Squam for the first time! It looks like my kind of outdoors, campy, New England place and perhaps these will be my kind of people too.... though, I don't know.  I'm showing up alone, as usual, and I suspect I will be way older than most of the artsy, flowing dress, bohemian souls who show up. But, with white hair comes wisdom, yes??  I can at least offer that!  

The season brings an artsy shift with it for me too... less mixed media and more fiber.  Wool and thread and color and stitching and more creating. I am so thankful... 

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