Monday, September 15, 2014

Bits of Squam Through My Lens

Home from chilly New Hampshire where I spent four delightful days by Squam Lake. Rustic surroundings. Moonlit nights. Delicious food. Abundant art. Delightful people. Rain. Sunshine. Fires. Stars. 

I hope to return. 
Ann Wood handmade. Check out her Paper Mache Ships 

Elizabeth, brainchild behind this thing… You go girl! 

Ann Wood mushrooms. What fun we had making these! 

Mine.  Fun, aren't they? 

Trail Magic

I'm a hiker and am well aware that "Trail Magic" defines the delectable gifts bestowed upon faithful AT through hikers! However, I choose to temporarily adopt the term as it also applied to the trails (not far from the AT in the Whites in New Hampshire!) at the most recent Squam Art Workshop.  

Oh, lucky me! I am basking in the delight of having spent a few days with 100+ artsy types traipsing around the woods, enjoying art classes, meeting new people and trail magic. As I hoped, other 'Squamies' (is that what they are called??) are a lot like me! Creating little natural tableaus in the woods for others to happen upon is simple, creative and infuses delight in the simple act of walking along a trail. Smile.  

I'm a serial collector of feathers and acorns and leaves and stones and shells. The natural world offers us abundant resources to feed our souls and I was happy to take it all in… and contribute a bit of my own magic, I might add.  Next time my wand will hold even more secrets now that I know what to expect!  

On a whim, I grabbed a few of my little ceramic houses as I loaded the car to leave. I'm glad I did. This small magic tableau brought a few smiles to the grown ups among us.  Two little girls came along as I was taking this photo and asked me "Do you think they are REAL?"  "Why, yes, of course they are real," came my reply. A moment to savor and make that small effort totally worthwhile. They then asked if they could make some trail magic as well.  "OF COURSE!" Create your own magic next time you are OUT THERE…