Sunday, May 2, 2010

For Karen

I was excited to make Upcycled Bag #2 for my dear friend (now my 'old friend') for her 50th birthday! She trekked to the USA from her home in Japan this week, so I didn't have to risk sending my creation across the seas.

I am having fun adding a little bit of needle felting and embellishments to my two latest projects and think I'll keep it up!


After a bit of searching on the internet for information, stories and some sort of "security" with the recent revelation that I may indeed be a viable candidate for a Cochlear Implant, I now know what "CI" stands for in some circles. One of my FB friends referenced a conversation between a FB friend and another about her recent entry into the hearing world once again.... I googled "CI" blogs and found LOTS. Enough surfing for the afternoon, however. It is easy to become quickly overwhelmed.

Will this be a journey I embark on or not? I simply do not know. With apologies to those who have delighted in their CI, I have had a very difficult time simply seeing these devices attached to people's skulls. The thought of having one attached to my own head does not sit well with me in the least. But, as my hearing continues to deteriorate (I am "DNA challenged" when it comes to having a healthy cochlea!) I will have to chose between barely hearing on one side or the possibility of electronic hearing mixed with partial natural hearing with the other ear.

While my family and friends remain supportive of me and do their best to partner with me as I struggle to hear, they grow weary of their efforts, just as I tire from trying to hear. Therefore, part of the answer to the question "to get a CI or not to get a CI" must take into consideration the impact on those I love most and with whom I spend the most time.

I guess I simply decided to put this on my blog. To make this my "CI journey journal" IF, indeed, I end up saying yes to a huge journey such as this one. Right now, the physical concept of the device is unsettling. The idea of losing the little bit of residual hearing I have in one ear is unsettling. The cost is gigantic and while insurance may indeed pick up all or most of it, it seems far too great for "simply" increasing my ability to communicate. Should I just become adept at sign language (all new to me) in order to communicate in the future? (esp. with grandchildren, should they ever arrive... PLEASE NO TIME IN THE NEAR FUTURE, dear children!!!!) Questions floating in my mind.

This week I'll have my first ever CT scan just to check out the condition of my cochlea. I'd rather be sewing.

And next week, a full audiological exam with my hearing aids in. I really like this new found audiologist, however, after 8 years of working with no one with whom I've felt any attachment. A good thing.

We'll see. If you care to, stay tuned. If not, you can skip posts like these and I promise to provide more interesting snapshots of life as I know it!