Saturday, June 12, 2010

Year of Jubilee

God gets the credit for this idea and I get the credit for actually listening for once!

The story: I was in a sorority during my undergrad days. If you know me now, that's a revelation. However, the sorority I was a part of had the marvelous ability to allow all the members to truly be themselves. We were not required to conform to some idealistic 'sorority girl image'. I blossomed as part of that group and loved quite a few of those girls quite a lot.

It's been a long time since I've seen most of them. However, Facebook has been a wonderful way to reconnect. And, within the past few months, three of my sorority sisters have joined me in entering their Year of Jubilee! Mine was great. (I have since moved into the 'Jubilee Decade') And, I wanted to pass on the concept of spending one's 50th year 'resting' from some of the demands to which we give ourselves, and saying "NO" more often. Meanwhile, saying "YES" to things we might enjoy but be inclined to put off, indefinitely, i.e.: forever!

So, in order to begin celebrating their Years of Jubilee, I invited them HERE... to Ohio. Therein lies God's idea: To gather four "old" friends together for storytelling, playing, sharing and mutual encouragement. That may not seem like such a big deal, but we live in OH, CT, MI and Japan, so it was a L O N G S H O T. But, miracle of miracles, we found three days we could pull it off! A few vacation day requests, a couple of plane tickets, one rental car, some highway miles,and a BUNCH of FB messages later, we're going to actually get together.

I'm excited about it. I want to make my house into the Perfect B & B and help them to feel uniquely loved and encouraged! I want to cook delicious food and serve great wine. Above all, I feel as though I'm an actor in a play that the Lord God is directing. I'm ready and eager. The Year of Jubilee continues....