Friday, August 15, 2014

Master of Fine Arts

It may not be 'official' official, but I am currently engaged in my MFA.  It's self directed, mind you, with online courses chosen BY me, FOR me.  I will, in fact, award myself with the appropriate degree at the end of my studies (whenever I decide that will be.)  If I really were the control freak this sounds like I am, I'd be in heaven!  I am learning a ton from instructors of varying skills from all over the world.  Who knew? 

In the absence of my children and their friends inhabiting our household, my empty nesting self is engaging my deeply embedded creative passions.  My interests are many and varied and quite unstoppable. Currently I'm diving into mixed media with clay "on the side." Soon I will be taking a live course at the fall Squam Lake Art Retreat with upcycling fibers and design as the focus.  I'm all in with that too.  

All that to say, it's time to take a clue from these artsy teachers who use their blogs to post short and sweet comments alongside photos of their current work.  When I figure out all the watermarking copyright details, I'll be back…. 

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